Corporate Photographers

Corporate or commercial photographers work in the advertising, public relations and marketing industry, taking photographs for companies to use in advertising campaigns, product launches, corporate events, or even their own company portfolio.

This type of photography can literally take place anywhere, from a studio, office, factory, shop or the great outdoors, and the aim of corporate photography is to convey a certain image of a company, product, new merchandise, artefact, building, or even landscape.

These days, corporate photographers, like many other photographers, usually offer either digital or film services to suit the client, which means you can have all your company photos on a disc, ready to use whenever you have a new campaign to promote. Commercial photographs taken by corporate photographers usually appear in a variety of media, such as books, reports, advertisements, portfolios and catalogues.

As well as corporate photographers there are a number of industrial photographers working in the UK, who are specially trained in taking pictures of equipment, machinery, and larger buildings, including oilrigs out at sea. These photos can be used for various purposes, such as the analysis of engineering projects, publicity, or records of equipment development.

Similar to corporate photographers, but serving a different purpose, are event photographers, who you may want to call upon to take pictures of your annual gala, awards ceremony, or other important event. Event photographers will often be seen taking pictures of celebrities arriving at a film premiere and later at the after show party, whilst more specialist ones may be seen capturing the action at a sporting event or royal engagement.

Also grouped in the commercial photography category are fashion photographers, who work either in a studio, on a catwalk, or on location, and are responsible for taking the fashion snaps for magazines and advertising campaigns.